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Player Name: Rin
Referred by: Self!
Other characters: N/A

Character Name: Ioder Algios Heurassein
Series: Tales of Vesperia
Canon Point: Post-Game

Prince Ioder was born in the Imperial city of Zaphias Terra Lumireis, the same as his cousin Princess Estelleise. Like his cousin, he spent most of his time in Zaphias castle, reading and participating in sword training, but unlike Estelle he had much more freedom than she did. This was due to the fact that she was the leading candidate for the throne where as he was much more akin to second choice among other candidates in the matter. Because of this he was more often seen away from the castle with a handler or two, helping with attending to imperial matters and the like. For the most part his life was about as cut and dry as it could get for a royal, at least until he was kidnapped by a man named Barbos, with the actual kidnapping itself orchestrated by Magistrate Ragou due the council supporting Estelle’s ascension to the throne.

He was held on a ship for an undetermined amount of time in the harbor of Capua Nor, until an attack on it left the ship burning and sinking with him still inside. Thankfully his calling out for help before it sank informed Yuri Lowell that there was some one still inside, and because of this he was rescued and dragged out of the water by Flynn Scifo. Yuri was traveling with Ioder’s cousin (as she had run off with him some time before, though the imperials swore she had been kidnapped as well) and they had found out about another devious plot of Ragou’s that included breeding monsters and apparently feeding children to them. Unfortunately there wasn’t much evidence to implicate him at the time, and they were forced to let the lying Ragou leave without arrest.

Ioder didn’t see Estelle and her friends again until he was in the city of Heliord with Flynn and Commandant Alexei, where he pardoned Yuri for his previous crimes as thanks for saving him and protecting Estelle on her journey. They tried to talk about the current issue of who was going take the throne and how Estelle’s journey had complicated matters, but Yuri wasn’t one to listen to such matters.

Much later, Flynn came to Ioder claiming he had received a false letter bearing his signature that would have started a war between the imperials and the guilds. Thankfully Ioder himself was able to rectify most of the issues that arose because of it by writing a proper letter to the leader of the guilds, Don Whitehorse. With the letter, he called a council with Whitehorse, and allowed for a treaty of friendship to be drafted between the guilds and the empire. Ragou’s misdeeds were also brought to light at last, and he was finally arrested.

Unfortunately a creature attacked the city of Dahngrest, prompting Alexei to raise a war ship known as Heracles. Though it was able to chase off the creature before it could do much damage, it still caused tensions to rise further between the guilds and the empire, making Ioder’s job much harder than it already was.

He voiced these concerns to Estelle and her friends later in Capua Nor while still working on the treaty, and Yuri suggested he simply become emperor if no one answered to him directly in his current position. Estelle and Ioder both pointed out it wasn’t that simple, that the item needed to ascend to the throne - a sword called Dein Nomos - had been lost since the beginning of the Great War ten years ago, before Ioder would have ever been eligible to become emperor. When the previous emperor had died after the Great War, it created a rift in the empire due to the fact that the position then remained in limbo with opposing sides supporting different people to take the throne.

He left Capua Nor and headed to Halure to continue the discussions while Estelle continued her journey. And it was while he was in Halure that everything went to hell. The blastia barriers in Zaphias all failed at once and earthquakes and lightening began shaking everything. What was worse was when the blastia began giving off green glows that turned even harmless plants in to monsters that terrorized the city. People were forced to flee, and due to his location in Halure, Ioder was able to set up the place as a temporary refugee area for those that left. These things were all the fault of Alexei, who’s true colors had been shown to Estelle and her friends before that moment when he brought forth a weapon known as the Enduring Shrine of Zaude. He claimed to be saving the world, but whatever he was truly doing, it was beginning a process of turning the world in to something terrible. To make matters worse he had take Estelle captive and was using her power to do cause the world’s aer to go out of balance.

Unfortunately even with Flynn’s help to get the people out of Zaphias, they weren’t able to rescue many of the people from the lower quarter where Yuri normally lived - news that upset him greatly. There was little Ioder could do, though, about the lower quarter and about Estelle. He could only continue to help those in Halure and quietly hope for the best.

He did, however, catch Yuri attempting to leave Halure and go to the lower quarter alone. He mentioned to Yuri that the council was planning on bringing formal charges against Alexei for his crimes, and that they were going to attempt to get in to the city via Deidon Hold. Yuri didn’t agree that they would be able to break through due to the massive amounts of aer that was causing all the trouble. Ioder switched subjects then, finally mentioning Estelle and asking Yuri if she was truly in the city with Alexei. When Yuri confirmed it, he asked what the other was planning on doing about it, commenting with heavy regret that because of Estelle’s power taking out Alexei alone might not be enough, and it could eventually come down to the imperial knights having to fight and possibly kill Estelle.

Yuri stated he wasn’t going to let that happen, to which Ioder took to imply that he was going to do it himself, adding in that Flynn often told him Yuri had a habit of taking the world on his shoulders. Yuri countered that Ioder needed to tell Flynn he’d be “just fine” without his help, prompting Ioder to ask “but why?” only to get a “it’s none of your concern” shot back at him. At this point Yuri had, by chance and circumstance, been handed the lost Dein Nomos by an ex-soldier named Duke, and because Ioder noticed he had the sword with him went on to comment that perhaps Yuri was the person Dein Nomos was waiting for. This only riled Yuri more and earned a threat in Ioder’s direction. He finally quieted, apologized and let Yuri go on his way.

The hell was not over yet, though. Zaude was not a weapon, but a massive barrier, and when it broke down after Alexei’s defeat and Estelle’s rescue it allowed a massive monstrosity known as the Adephagos to break through the world’s atmosphere, threatening to tear the world apart. Again it was something Ioder could only stand by and watch, but was at least given more power than he had before when the council decided to cede all authority to him, effectively putting him in the same position as emperor. With this power he in turn made Flynn acting commandant, knowing that while the world needed heroes like Yuri and Estelle, they also needed leaders like himself and Flynn. And beyond that, with Zaphias overrun as it was, the people who had their homes destroyed because of Alexei’s actions would need a new place to call home.

Thankfully some of the refugees had already taken it upon themselves to start a camp that was slowly rebuilding in to a town, with knights and common folk working together to build it. Yuri had Flynn call Ioder there along with the remaining guild leaders (as Don Whitehorse had died before even Zaude had been risen), and when they arrived they saw that the people had already made a lot of progress in turning the area in to a livable place. During the meeting with the guild leaders, Flynn, Yuri and Estelle helped to explain the current situation, and how Yuri and his friends were attempting to find a way to fight back the Adephagos by turning the cores of the world in to spirits that would give power to defeating it.

Of course this provided a whole different set of problems - getting rid of blastia meant throwing the world in to chaos. Letting the Adephagos go unchallenged meant that the world would be destroyed, either by it or by Duke who was attempting to take it out by also taking out himself and the population of the world at the same time. The question on everyone’s mind was whether or not the people would listen, and willingly give up blastia to save the world, and eventually find something that could replace it.

Ioder was hopeful that by working with the people and being a strong voice for them they could move forward, and Estelle agreed to this sentiment. There was also the issue of fighting off the monsters without blastia barriers, to which Ioder also suggested possibly combining the reformed knights and what was left of the guilds. Guild leader Kaufman stated it would be interesting, but that it wouldn’t go smoothly, meaning there were many things to still work out. Ioder was left to this task while Yuri and company went off to take care of the things they needed to - namely dealing with the Adephagos and Duke.

They met up with them again later just as Estelle came up with a name for the new town - Aurnion, meaning “the light that melts away the snow”. Ioder explained that they discussed what to do with the blastia and spirits with the other guild leaders and length after they left, agreeing that it was going to be a difficult transition for all, but if they started by talking to the people there in Aurnion it would be a step in the right direction. With this in mind, Ioder went to address the people of Aurnion while Yuri, Estelle and their friends went to put a stop to Duke and the Adephagos.

They were successful, and while the world was far from okay, it was put back on the right path to rebuild and grow, with Ioder at the helm of it as the new Emperor. Later, he met again with his cousin and her friends in Aurion. There was a lot of work to be done, especially in the efforts to bring the factions of the world together instead of having them work against one another. Due to the disasters that had befallen the world, Ioder worked together a plan to have a portion of the salaries of councilmen and imperial knights would go towards relief efforts to the towns and more specifically families and orphans most affected by it all. It was a bold move, one even Judith went so far as to call shrewd, since it required a lot of council members to do something they didn’t want to, in order to not make themselves seem like callous people. Ioder insisted that wasn’t really his intent, even if it looked like that - they had to do something, after all, and council members and higher ranking knights held the most money in the world.

Discussing this, Ioder asked a rather heavy favor of Estelle. Handing her the Blue Crystal Rod, the symbol of the emperor’s right hand man and second in command, he asked if she would become his vice-emperor. Knowing she wanted to travel still, he didn’t confine her to the castle with this duty, instead asking her to keep him informed on the state of the world from afar while he tended to his duties from Zaphias.

For a noble, and some one in power, Ioder is surprisingly easy going, calm, gentle spirited and easy to get along with. In fact if you didn’t know he was Emperor it would be easy to mistake him for nothing more than a young man of a higher class. He is friendly, polite to a fault, though to call him “overly agreeable” would be a bit of a stretch. He is merely agreeable when it’s beneficial to be so - otherwise he is not above telling some one when they are wrong or when their actions are only going lead to disaster. He can be stern or commanding when he needs to be, but most of the time he tries merely to be as understanding as possible, listening to problems first before offering opinions or advice if he has any at all to give.

His calm demeanor makes him difficult to shake up, even in frightening or difficult situations. He’s willing to hold his ground, and does not fluster or upset easily. He’s not necessarily stubborn, just tenacious and steadfast in his beliefs. But he is only human after all, and still fairly young at that, so he is not above some occasionally “childish” things, like lightly teasing friends, being silly or even just relaxing and having fun with other people. He rather likes the calmer things in life, though, so it would be rare to see him partaking in anything terribly exciting or dangerous. His favorite past times consist mostly of reading books, so while he may be interested in learning other hobbies or doing more than that, it will probably take him a while to break out of his previous comfort zones.

As for being made emperor... well. It’s an interesting subject for Ioder, to say the least. He wasn’t against being put in that position, but at the same time he wouldn’t have minded if it hadn’t gone to him. However once he learned just how much his cousin would have rather stayed away from the position and simply wanted freedom to be able to do what she wanted, he was much more willing to take the weight of it on his shoulders and accept without complaint. Thankfully it’s done little to change him, and if anything it and the events that transpired after his cousin left Zaphias only strengthened his resolve to want to do the best he could for the people of the empire.


Ioder has no truly discernible abilities or powers, though he does have the skills to be a strong leader. It can be assumed that due to his upbringing and how his cousin was trained in swordsmanship before leaving the capital, Ioder likely recieved similar training. In the same vein, though, given how often he finds himself in trouble there's a high chance his skills aren't nearly as strong as Estelle's.

Items on your character:
*Clothes - jacket, vest, button up, slacks and shoes
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Name: Ioder Algios Huerassein
Age: 19
Class: Bard
Level: 1
(1 set) Bard garb
(1) Crystal Flute
(1) Ivory handled dagger

HP: 4/6
MP: 3/6
Physical Attack: 2/6
Magic Attack: 1/6
Defense: 3/6
Speed: 4/6
Stamina: 3/6

Invigorate - stamina is boosted by one.
Glitter dust - blinds one target
Lullaby - target becomes drowsy or falls asleep.
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[ Player Name ] : Jeni
[ Personal LJ ] : [ profile] jenioctavia
[ Age ] : 27
[ Timezone ] : PST
[ Other Characters ] : None

[ Character's Name ] : Emperor Ioder Algios Heurassein
[ Character's Age ] : 18
[ Series ] : Tales of Vesperia
[ Canon Point ] : Post-Game

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Name- JeniOctavia

LJ- [ profile] jenioctavia

Email address- jenioctavia @ gmail dot com

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- jenioctavia | AIM

Character, series- Emperor Ioder Algios Heurassein, Tales of Vesperia

Character journal- [ profile] imperialtroll

Character type- Minor

Digimon partner- PawnChessmon White > KnightChessmon White > BishopChessmon White > KingChessmon White

D-Comm colours/symbol-

Imported from another RP?- n/a

Character appearance-
(the blonde, obviously)

Character age- 18

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